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Stilo ST30 Des Top

ST30 Des Top

Used by professional teams all over the globe the ST30 Des intercom is the ultimate intercom available on the market today.

The ST30 Des version has two intercom circuits within one box giving you two intercoms to use by simply a flick of a switch. Intercom 2 has an Extra Filter mode which was developed for Super 2000 or very noisy rally cars, the benefit of this has to heard to be belived. The intercom is built and designed for the tough conditions of motorsport with only the best wiring and connections available.

Launched in 2010 the one major difference with the ST30 Des is the addition of a bluetooth telephone connection. A wireless connection makes the use of the phone and the fitting of the unit in the car much easier. Pairing of the phone is very easy and once connected a press of the control button for a certain length of time on the intercom box allows you to answer a call, answer, redial, disconnect and of course pair the phone as well as switch the phone mode on or off. There is a control light within the button giving you an indication of its function.

One other useful function for this bluetooth connection is having an MP3 player, with bluetooth to play music on long boring road sections. This function works well with an iPhone. This function as well as a radio connection only operate in road mode, this allowing the pacenotes to be un-interupted in stage mode. £1015.00 (Yes just over one thousand pounds!!)

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